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The two videos you saw above about giraffes are indeed very true. Giraffes are facing a huge threat. What can we do? you say We're just kids! well even as kids we can do a lot for starters,

Many people in Tanzania believe that consuming giraffe flesh (particularly bone marrow and brain tissue) will cure HIV/AIDS, and other giraffe body parts are used for all manner of items; their tails, in particular, are considered to be status symbols and are often used as flyswatters. It’s believed that there are only 80,000 wild giraffes left across all of Africa, and that number is plummeting quickly. They are intelligent, beautiful beings in danger of being wiped out, and they need our help.

Hi guys, I need a favor go check my friend, Jehan's channel. It's called LPS productions, She has uploaded many videos and she puts a lot of effort in making her videos. She does videos like DIY, cooking and she started her own fairy tale, tales of a dork. 

The 2 videos of dolphinariums and aquariums.... are heartbreaking. Help us stop these Cruel acts from taking place and AVOID GOING TO DOLPHINARIUMS AND AQUARIUMS AT ALL COSTS. It is sheer cruelty and if people stop going to them then they will be forced to close! Join us now and stop them!

Everyone thinks the Pitbull is a ferocious dog that doesn't know how to mind its manners but guess what? STOP DISCRIMINATING ANIMALS !!!! How do you know that a fluffy cute poodle couldn't be worse?! watch the video and understand that Pitbulls are awesome!! 

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